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There’s two reasons why you’ll be reading this post:

You have picked your niche already and now need to know which (Amazon) affiliate products to sell that will make you money.

Or you’re simply looking for hot selling Amazon affiliate products so you can then turn those products into your niche.

You’re in the right place…

We recently showed you how to find a niche with large profit potential on Amazon

Simply by checking out your own personal Amazon book suggestions and researching how well their overall product rank is when it comes to Amazon sales.

And so if you’re into selling books, you’d probably already have a few items to add to your site’s product list.

But we all know that people don’t just buy books for their hobbies, health needs, or exercise regime.

Which is why in this post you’ll uncover what the other Amazon’s best-selling products in your discovered niche are.

Simply by following along with our step by step guide.

So you can maximize your profit, by selling the things that people are 100% interested in buying, instead of just guessing at it.

Because when you know the best selling Amazon products in your niche you can promote them and be sure they’ll sell. (See more niche research posts here)

The first thing for you to do is go to Amazon.com right now.

So you can follow along step by step with me as you go through this post.

And at the end we’ll both have found the best selling products in our niche.

Which we can start promoting on our sites and making affiliate commissions from.

Sound good?

Well if you’ve opened Amazon.com up already.

Then let’s do it…