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If you are concerned about your daily healthcare, the use of a home blood pressure monitor and best blood pressure monitors uk. That will give you a greater sense of involvement for that purpose.

Blood rich in oxygen need to use blood pressure checker to determine that and Oxygen is pumped to the organs of the human body through arteries with every heartbeat. Every time the heart contracts, the force that is exerted on the wall of these arteries will be measured by a blood pressure monitor which will then give you the pressure readings.

Particularly, if you are prone to high blood pressure, these monitors are handy so you can take action when extreme variation occurs during your daily readings.

You should use your monitor around the same time every day, after sitting down resting for at least five minutes, to check your readings which will improve the reliability of the results.

These regular measurements taken at home can provide your doctor with valuable information on your average values and pulse rate.

Top 4 Best Blood Pressure Monitors 2017

omron-m10-best blood pressure monitor with dual user facility

Omron M10-IT Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor with Dual-User Facility and Dual-Size Cuff

  • Fully automatic upper arm blood pressure monitor with Intellisense technology
  • All-in-one dual-sized comfort cuff to accommodate both medium and large arm circumferences ranging between 22 – 42 cm
  • Memory storage for two users (84 readings per user) with time and date stamp
  • Auto mode: automatically takes three measurements
  • Clinically validated

duronic blood pressure monitorDuronic BPM150 Intelligent Medically Certified Fully Automatic Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor with 2 Years Warranty


  • Duronic Blood pressure monitors are all designed to be portable. The easy-fit cuff, designed for comfort and to assure correct and accurate use, rolls around for easy storage.
  • The Duronic BPM150 Blood Pressure Monitor is an easy to read and use device. It has a LCD display which clearly shows the results with large digits. One touch operation means that the unit is user friendly and easy to use. Quality cuff provided to ensure comfort and accurate readings. If you wish to record your readings so you can keep track of your blood pressure then this device will help with its 60 readings memory.
  • Fully automatic blood pressure measurement, small and light device, large LCD size, tabs to show if readings are high, normal or low, 60 memory records
  • NON-INVASIVE measuring BPM, safe and comfortable, measuring range: Pressure 0~280 mmHg, Pulse 40~200 pulse/min
  • Power: 4xAAA batteries (included) AC/DC Adapter (excluded), Cuff provided to fit upper arms sized: 22-42cm, Product size: 102x143x73mm

omron m3 blood pressure monitor ukOmron Healthcare M3 Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor


  • Irregular heartbeat detection
  • Cuff wrapping guide
  • Wide range cuff 22-42 cm
  • Two user memory
  • Warranty of 3 years

omron m2 2017 best blood pressure monitorOmron M2 Basic Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor


  • Which? Best Buy – Blood Pressure Monitors February 2016
  • Automatic blood pressure monitor with Medium 22 – 32 cm Cuff
  • One button operation
  • Last reading memory
  • Intellisense Technology
  • 3 Year warranty

The two most common types of home blood pressure monitor available:

Upper arm digital monitors. These monitors are the most reliable and accurate with a cuff that goes around the upper part of the arm with an arrow sign that you have to put in the artery pulse at the front of your elbow crease.

Wrist or finger digital monitors. These monitors are less reliable and accurate than the upper arm models because changes in body temperature or movements can influence the readings. You must put your wrist monitor at heart level during readings to have accurate measurements.

Once a year you should compare the reading of you monitor against the reading at your doctor’s office to be sure that you have correct readings.

Also, make sure that you have the right size of monitors cuff that fits comfortably around your arm because if the cuff is too tight, then your reading will be higher than the correct reading.

How the home blood pressure monitor works:

The cuff will inflate to a certain level and then deflates again when you push the start button on your monitor. A sensor in the cuff will detect your heart rate and thereby gives you two readings, the higher number showing your systolic and the lower number showing your diastolic pressure, for a normal healthy person respectively 90 – 135 mmHg and 50 – 90 mmHg. The monitor will also detect your pulse rate which for a healthy person will be around 80 per minute.

Hypertension can be a nasty thing if it is not controlled. To keep accurate records of your blood pressure fluctuations, can assist your doctor greatly in prescribing and monitoring your medication. And of course, to monitor it correctly requires the proper equipment with which to do it.

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