Best Drones

The Best All-Purpose Drones — just for fun

If you are thinking of buying a Drone make sure that you know what you want it for. If it is just for play and some fun you will find our choices a great stating point. Nowadays there are drones with many options. From almost disposable cheap drones to extremely high-tech ones with a price tag to match. We have searched through a bunch of Drones and have chosen the ones we like.

The best drones are not necessarily the most expensive. But you will roughly get what you pay for with this bit of kit.

Hubsan Drone

Hubsan H501S X4 FPV Quadcopter with GPS, 1080P, Follow me and Headless mode.


1080P HD camera

Headless flight mode

Altitude height adjust

6-Axis gyroscope

Compatible with the UK/European GPS service, some grey imported units may not be compatible and may be region locked

  • Product Dimensions: 22 x 22 x 7 cm ; 408 g
  • Boxed-product Weight: 1.6 Kg
  • Batteries 1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7/8, Mac OX
Touch Screen: 3.5’, including 16 languages
Software: Flashprint

This Drone has it all even a “Headless” mode. Top quality and we thing a great price for the specs.

The Quadcopter

The H501S is the latest FPV Quadcopter from Hubsan and features a built-in 1080P HD Camera,.Return to home mode, built in GPS,altitude adjust. Superior brushless motors for increased flight time and a headless flight mode. Makes the quad even easier to fly.

The built-in GPS enables the quadcopter to enter into failsafe mode. If the connection to the radio transmitter is lost. In failsafe mode the flight control system will automatically control the quadcopter and return to the home-point and land safely. You can also manually switch the Quad to failsafe mode directly. This from the return to home function switch on the transmitter.

The built-in GPS is also utilized for the Follow me mode. Which enables the quad to follow and record your activities. The multi-function transmitter features a built-in 4.3″ FPV LCD screen. Displaying clear 5.8Ghz real-time video transmission from the Quads on-board 1080P HD camera. It has conveniently placed switches and buttons on the front face of the transmitter. GPS, RTH and camera/video functions make this quad a pleasure to use.

Very Stylish
With a stylish and sleek new body shape. LED’s lighting up the feet the H501S is the ideal entry to a more rewarding. FPV and Ariel camera footage experience. What sets the H501S apart from its rivals is its impressive array of features. The 1080P HD camera allows for some stunning aerial photography and videos. This coupled with the high capacity battery and altitude height adjust. It can give flight times of 20-25 minuets. Compatible with the UK/European GPS service.

Rabing Drone

Rabing RC Drone Quadcopter 2.4GHz 6-Axis Gyro Remote Control Camera Drone

Motor Type: Brushed
Charging time:about 60 minutes
Flying time: about 8-9 minutes
Control distance:About 300 meters
Drone battery:7.4V 1200 mAh Li-po battery
Support mobile device:IOS / Android system
Product Dimensions: 45*45*18cm
Package Dimensions: 39.5*33.5*13cm

Package included:
1 x JJRC H26WH Quadcopter.
1 x Mobile Phone Holder.
1 x USB Charger Cable
1 x Charging Battery.
2 x Spare Propeller.
1 x Screwdriver.
1 x Transmitter.
1 x User Manual.
1 x WiFi Camera.
2 x Screw.

Not just a Racing Drone – this is a great entry-level Drone with Adjustable Angle.

It is convenient to keep the drone in a position where you can adjust the camera’s angle to shoot the scenery you want.

Equipped with 0.3MP HD camera. Download the APP real-time aerial photography. Software that allows drone to take pictures and videos and transmit them to the phone in real time. This via the FPV software and VR glasses. Experience the first visual flight experience.

High Hold Mode
Automatic high hold mode, flights stably and operates easily.

LED Lights
High quality LED lights, provides the unimpeded flying. Makes the mysterious effect in dark night.

One Key Return
Recall your drone effortlessly whenever you want by pressing and holding the blue button at the right hand side.

Aerobatic Flight
Enjoy piloting with the fascinating freedom in the sky. Watch the fabulous show of your copter in three dimensions.

Headless Mode
When in headless mode, it takes your front as its own. Which permits you to get the command of how to pilot in several minutes.

  • You can connect your phone to the drone. The view will be displayed directly on your phone. Enjoy the world above the horizon. Put your phone into the VR box or wear VR glasses to experience a different perspective. (not included)
  • WiFi FPV – The 0.3MP webcam. Lens can move up and down, left and right. Allows you to capture the beautiful view. Controlled via WiFi, the camera transmits the real-time.  FPV which you can see directly on your phone.
  • Altitude Hold Mode. You can easily control the drone up in the sky. It always flies at a certain altitude. Go on a carefree exploration of the surroundings.
  • 6-axis Gyro. More precise movement detection with the help of the 6-axis gyroscope. Enhances your flight performance.
  • Function: Ascend / Descend / Forward / Backward / Left and Right Side Flying / Left and Right Side Turning / 360-degree Rolling Over / Headless Mode / LED Lights / One Key Automatic Return / Fancy Rotation.

PowerLead UFO Drone

PowerLead Prac C002 Wifi 2.4GHZ UFO RC Aircraft Remote Control Drone RC

Quadcopter Aerial Vehicle-Upgrade version

  • PowerLead Wifi 2.4GHZ UFO RC Aircraft Remote Control Drone RC Quadcopter Aerial Vehicle-Upgrade version


Very Cool little Drone — kids will love it and so will you!

This drone has a camera, and the kit has a card and USB card reader included.
So often items come without. If you don’t have one handy you’ve to wait til you can buy one. Its a real bonus and very welcome when its included as it is here.

Very easy to use
You will need four AAA batteries for the controller. Check you have them when you buy so you can order if needed. Other than that it its ready to use straight out of the box.

Read the directions and you will have no problem on how to get it up and running. Find out where where the SD card goes. How the connections work, charging and getting the best images.

Once you down-loaded the app to your phone get outside and away you go.

It is easy to work out how to use this drone. It is all straight forward to get up and running. The app is good and sets up easy. You can use your phone to work out best steering.

DJI Phantom Drone

DJI CP.PT.000167 Phantom 3 Standard Drone

Product Dimensions: 34.5 x 38 x 20.5 cm ; 4 Kg

Boxed-product Weight: 3.7 Kg

Batteries 1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)

  • Easy to Fly: An intelligent flight system automatically keeps your Phantom 3 Standard in the air and under your control.
  • Amazing Images: Take stunning 2.7K HD videos and 12 Megapixel photos with the integrated aerial camera.
  • Stable Footage: DJI’s advanced gimbal stabilization technology gives you movie-quality results no matter how you fly.
  • Enjoy the View: A live video feed gives you a 720p HD real-time view of what your camera sees right on your mobile device.
  • Peace of Mind: Fly up to 25 minutes on a single charge, and the Intelligent Flight Battery will automatically remind you when power is running low.

Step up to the very best Drone in its class – A live video feed gives you a 720p HD real-time view

Intuitive, Powerful Flight

Enjoy the thrill of flight as you speed through the air. Powerful, responsive motors send your Phantom soaring exactly on the path you want. Stop in place, speed up, or fly higher in an instant.

Curved DJI electromagnets are used to spin the motors at high, controllable speeds. All by using magnetic force, without any physical contact, to increase durability. In efficiency and reliability push the limits of current technology and give you longer flights.

Automatic Flight Assistant

Fly with absolute freedom and confidence. Knowing your Phantom 3 Standard will return to you at the press of a button. Built-in GPS records your Phantom’s takeoff point and remembers it as you fly. Then at your command or if the control signal is ever lost, your Phantom comes back to you instantly.

Your Phantom 3 Standard stays stable and under your control at all times during flight. After takeoff, it automatically hovers in place, waiting for your command. It then effortlessly changes altitude or direction at the flick of a finger. When you want it to stop, it again pauses and hovers, waiting for your next instruction.


When you stop telling it to move, the Phantom 3 Standard hovers ideally in place. Holding both position and altitude. It waits for you to give it instructions.

This means all you to think about is where you want to fly.

Safe flight Limits

Set height and distance limits to keep all flights within a safe area. The Phantom 3 Standard will automatically stop and stay inside of your chosen limits as you fly.

Live GPS

Throughout each flight, your Phantom 3 Standard sends its position to a live GPS map on your mobile device. Use this map to see right where it is. Know which direction it is facing and guide it back to you in an instant.

Because the Phantom knows where it is and where you are. It can calculate how much longer it can continue flying. It will send you a reminder to land when the battery runs low. It can automatically come home and land when needed.

Status And Direction Indicators

Four bright, large LED lights on each arm of the Phantom 3 Standard light up as you fly. So at a glance, you know which direction your Phantom is facing and its current status.

More Flying, More Fun

Fly for up to 25 minutes on a single charge. The patented DJI intelligent flight battery continuously tells you exactly how long you can continue flying. This based on how far and at what altitude you are and it alerts you when it is time to head back. This information is streamed live to the GO app on your mobile device.

Recharging is quick and easy. Bright LED indicators tell you current status and power level. A protective plastic housing helps prevent damage and contains intelligent sensors. That make your battery worry-free while extending the life of your battery.

Unique Mobile App

Snap photos and record videos at a tap with a mobile app. Turn your device into a camera controller, flight cockpit. The DJI Go app makes you feel as though the camera is right in your hands. Allowing you to see a live view, control the shutter, change settings, and access a wealth of unmissable features:

-Automatic video editor that helps you create a movie in seconds
– Interface for controlling the camera and flight settings
-Live map and radar that tracks your Phantom 3 Standard as it flies full flight telemetry including current speed, altitude, and distance
-Flight logs to record and remember your moments

PowerLead Quad Drone

Powerlead Pqad A011 Quadcopter Drone Quadcopter Quadcopter Drone with Camera GPS LED Indicator

Material: PC
Motor Wheelbase: 450 mm
Arm Length: 150 mm
Loading capacity: 3.30lb ~ 4.40lb(1.5 Kg ~ 2.0Kg)
GPS system: GPS+Magnetic & compass+Gyroscope
GPS fence set (default)£ºHigh*328.08ft, Far*984.25ft (High*100m, Far*300m), 6m / s
Flight control system: Shark X6
Aircraft Weight: 4.18lb(1.9Kg)
Working time: 25-30min
Wind Level: 4 constant wind, 5 vertical wind
Hover: 25 min
Arm Weight(including: motor, ESC, propellers): 0.40lb(185 g)
Propeller(1045/1045R) Size: 10*4.5 inch
Drive PWM Frequency: 8KHz
Weight (including fan): 0.03lb(14g)
Other Accessary
Flight Battery: LiPo(4S,5300mAh,25C)
Gimbal: 2-axis and 3-axis gimbal
Flight Distance Height/Radius: 2624.67ft/3937ft(800M/1200M)
Set includes:
Aircraft * 1
Image transmitter*1
Video Receiver*1
propellers* 2 sets
Remote control * 1
Smart Battery * 1
Landing damping cotton * 4
Metal PTZ * 1
Manual * 1
Packing list
Drone/propeller 2 sets/charger/4S smart battery/remote controller

Smart Automatic Drone can carry up to 4lbs

Automatic aircraft landing, landing place can be switched to manual control. Select the appropriate landing site.

Stable and reliable performance. Manual flight or GPS flight. Special mode, you can headless flight (PNR lock), can be fixed surround (points of interest surround) flight. GPS mode, malicious flight, automatic return.

Maximum support 60 GLINT while flying & Maximum support 8 simultaneous aerial photography. GLINT + real-time monitoring operation.

High-precision GPS positioning algorithm. The relative accuracy within 2 meters


BACKED with RELIABLE WARRANTY. Brand New and High quality from PowerLead. Sold by PowerLead ONLY! PowerLead offers 12 months Warranty. 31 days free exchange for all the PowerLead products. Built with the highest quality standards and we stand behind for best after service.

The Run-Down on Drones

Some of the different types of drones are Racing Drones, Camera Drones and Hobby or just Fun Drones.

Racing Drones

Racing Drones has become very popular and watching people fly this at breakneck speeds is something to behold. These little speed demon drones can travel around 130mph are flown using VR headsets. Which can cost as much at the drone itself.

What are you Looking for

You are looking a £1,000 to get geared up to have a crack at this. Although if you just want to have a buzz around the park. You will have to take you time and take care. These Drones will get away from you and good luck finding it if it buzzes out of range. Orgoes rouge and it is too fast for the auto comeback function.

Camera Drones

Camera Drones are were most people are heading and are very cool but again. You get what you pay for. A good quality is not cheap. But having said that you can pick up one for about £60. Which gets you a 30m range and a camera that is good for 720p and 4gig of storage. Picture quality is a bit dodgy but the kids will love.

Drone Photography

These days most professional photographers are purchasing high quality camera Drones. This to add to their ability for quality aerial shots and video. Prices will range from about £100 up to thousands. It really depending on you specification. Do you need 4k resolution and what camera and zoom capability do you need. The sky’s the limit with these drones.

The Hobby Drones

The Hobby Drones are great fun. Very comparable to the traditional model plane and helicopter. There are also Drone clubs springing up all over now for the real enthusiast. Again, depending on what you want to do the drone. Most will come with camera mounts. You can always get a GoPro later if the Drone that tick all the boxes for you does not come with a camera.

I have never been bother about the camera as it is just a novelty for me. It is the flying and aerobatics that I have always been interested in. Also, the durability and general control are very high on my checklist. It is always good to be able to have the remote the kids. And not worry that they can’t deal with the remote or provide a hard landing. I don’t what the drone to bust in to pieces (unless it is designed to).

Have fun with your Drone

Drones are great fun and you don’t’ need to break the bank to get flying. Just make sure that you know what you want to do with it. If you have kids, will it last or will it be a one outing, one flight purchase.

Best Camera Drones Features

Camera Drones some more thoughts

Most camera comes with a wide-angled lens. Thus, you are not just purchasing a camera for your drone you’re purchasing an individual action camera. Which can be utilized in numerous scenarios with or without the 3DR Solo. They include an 8MP camera together with image enhancing features. Like autofocus, geo-tagging, touch focus and image stabilization and a lot more.

The Hidden Secret of Best Camera Drones

Assorted types of drones can easily be available online. Again, it is dependent on the drone you’re taking a look at. Consequently, if you wish to fly the optimal drone, then DJI one is the ideal selection. You’re able to find-out the optimal Drone for your GoPro after reading this informative article.

The Camera Drone

In regards to drones, there are various varieties of buying packages. You have to understand what sort of a package that you want to purchase. If you’re on the lookout for the best drones around, you’ve arrived at the proper location. You may settle with a costly Drone for GoPro if it’s an excellent blend of the highest quality and price.