Best Computer Case

Best Computer Cases

These are top of the line computer cases. Here is our pick for the best rated, by the customers, who have bought them. All top reviews and perfect for gammers and anyone just wanting to add a bit of flair.

Best Computer Case

Corsair Graphite Series

Windowed Full Tower ATX Gaming Case with LED Fan – Black/Red

Large Cooling space

  • Full tower case with massive expansion and cooling space
  • Supports dual 360 mm radiators
  • Front panel three mode fan controller
  • Dual 140 mm LED intake fans and a 140 mm exhaust fan included
  • Latched side panels for easy access

White Computer Case

Corsair Graphite Series 780T White Full Tower Computer Case

  • Full-Tower case with massive expansion and cooling space
  • Supports dual 360mm radiators
  • Front panel three-mode fan controller

For the High Performance PC

A nicely-built high performance PC can be a thing of beauty. A great design sleek, artfully crafted, and undeniably stunning Graphite Series. This¬†full tower PC case is the perfect place for your high-end PC parts. Delivers a knockout when it comes to performance capabilities and ease of maintenance. Evade the aesthetics of yesteryear with 780T’s rounded corners and smart design, inside and out.

Black Computer Case

Corsair CC-9011073-W Graphite Series

Windowed Full Tower ATX Performance Gaming Case for PC – Black

Full Visibility Panels

  • Elegant full panel window for maximum visibility
  • Hinged side panels with quick release latches
  • Includes three AF140L fans (front fans with LEDs)
  • Fan speed toggle switch allows you to set your fans to silent or performance modes
  • Enhanced cable routing with rubber grommets for clean builds

Corsair CC-9011074-W Graphite Series V2

Windowed Full Tower ATX Performance Gaming Case for PC – White

Corsair Graphite V2

The Graphite Series 760T features an industry-first fully windowed side panel. But don’t let its looks fool you – it’s got tons of expansion room and cooling capabilities. With nine expansion slots. Room for a 360mm radiator up top and a 280mm radiator in front. Six tool-free, modular hard drive bays and four side-mounted SSD trays. You’ll have a hard time filling it up with parts. With dual front AF140L LED intake fans and a single AF140L rear exhaust. Tons of airflow to keep everything nice and cool. The 760T gives you a flexibility to build the gaming rig you’ve always dreampt about. The full side panel window gives you the freedom to show it off.

Computer Case

Cooler Master HAF 912 Plus Computer Case

“RC-912P-KKN1, Mid Tower, ATX, Front 200mm Red LED fan, Rear 120mm Fan” – Black with Red LED

The Cooler Master

  • HAF 912 Plus is built in aggressive design and stylish interior black coating.
  • The compact interior able to accommodates 12 devices.
  • Supports long graphics cards including ATI Radeon HD 5970 and NVIDIA Geforce GTX 480.
  • Superior cooling performance support up to two 200 mm and two 120 mm fans.
  • Front 200mm fan with brilliant Red LED provides the best airflow to HDDs.
  • Removable 3.5″HDD cage provides enthusiasts more convenient installation.
  • Customized neat cable management.

Reliable Techniques for PC Case You Can Use Today

A you have so many choices. It isn’t just a box you put your components in. If case you have a case which you feel ought to be included inside this list, then don’t hesitate to share it in the comment section below. So in most cases you receive everything inside the box you will need. As for a price just above ¬£100 will get you a good one. But keep in mind there’s a limitation on doing custom water cooling. That’s the only con I discovered. Whether you’re searching for a case for your company, gaming or house entertainment system, you’ll locate a whole choice of name brand products in every size on this website. This is ideal in every sense. You wil find easy installation in the case easy in relation to the drive bay, or outside.

Assorted Sizes

Most cases come in assorted sizes. You have to select the one which suits your requirements the very best. Because of this reason, you have to purchase the PC case carefully. Window-sided PC cases do have some distinctive considerations. But a lot of them are just like any other PC case.

Check the Size

By now you ought to have a pretty good idea about what size and form factor to search for. The idea of purchasing a new computer every 2 years was unheard of. It’s always a great idea to get the review of others when you’re searching for computer hardware.

Check the Specs

Verify the specs before you purchase, just in case. There are two main size types among ATX instances and they’re mid-tower and full-tower. Mid-tower ATX cases are great since they generally keep things simple. And give the baseline in regards to form.

Modify your PC Case

You could also modify your case utilizing case lighting and water cooling components. Produce your rig look exactly how you would like it to. You’ll locate the most variety among ATX cases. Thus if you’re on the lookout for a distinct aesthetic style. Probably you’ll discover a mid-tower or full-tower that matches it. At length, ATX full-tower cases can become quite large. It take up lots of genuine estate.

More than every other component, the situation is so simple that you just must look at it to understand how it works. Most cases have a power supply. It is normal that a larger case can hold more optical drives and more hard drives and there’ll be sufficient room for larger video cards. The majority of people will want to get an ATX mid tower case, which is slightly smaller.

The Most Popular PC Case

While purchasing the Case, check whether the case has front USB or not. When you get your ATX computer situation, you will want to evaluate the size. The very first thing you should know about gaming computer cases, is they differ in proportion. Your computer case has become the most visible and significant part your system. Regardless of what type of case you’re searching for. You’ll locate the computer case that satisfies your needs right here. Computer cases are offered in selection of colors. And supply you with the simplicity of its adjustment at any place. There are a number of great gaming computer cases available on the market.