Outdoor games

Our Top-rated Games for Outdoor Fun

For kids and adults of all ages and skill levels here are some of our top picks for summer fun games. All the games have the best customer reviews. In some cased we have also put them through rigorous testing by us.

Get the family and friends off the couch and outside, in the garden and playing some fun family games. These games are appropriate for most all ages — old and young alike. These garden games will provide hours of fun at parties, events and any weekend when you just need to get the kids outside.

All these outside games are mobile and you can easily pack them up and bring them anywhere!

Gotrovo Tresure HuntAward winning Game fun!

Allows children of all ages to play together.

Allows the whole family to play together in outdoor fun, so no-one is left out, with clues for different ages and roles from the youngest to oldest

Has won awards for best family game (2107) and best party game (2015). It appeals to parents and grandparents as a timeless way to bring families together in a fun outdoor game.

Meets a range of educational targets and can be used to help develop speech and language skills.

Is great as an economical way of entertaining at kids parties, and our range includes a set of Mini Gotrovo Treasure Hunts which provide unique party bags.

Reviewed by purchasers as ‘probably the best game I’ve ever purchased’; ‘one of the best things I ever bought.

Best Family Game 2017

This particular outdoor game was awarded best family game 2017. In national parenting awards, this active, educational card-based treasure-hunt game. It is suitable for girls, boys and the entire family. Also, fun for pirate adventures and parties for all ages.

This game enable children of all ages to work together. Works with 1 – 15 children. Clues come in different age levels to enable children of different abilities to play together. Great for siblings, friends and family – this outdoor game has it all.

Help kids learn while having a great time outside.  Develops problem-solving abilities, enhances reading and communication skills.

Easy Setup

Simple to set-up out door game and pack away it is also quick-to-lay treasure trails. Can also be used to create scavenger hunts for parties and events. Again, is fun for all ages, both boys and girls – men and women.

No quibble replacement or refunds from the manufacture if you aren’t entirely happy. Gotrovo comes with 100 reusable Clue Cards (riddles, pictures, words and role-play), double-sided Treasure Map, golden Treasure Bar, Golden Coins and Loot Bag. Complimentary ebook available on request from manufacturer with lots more ideas for parties or everyday fun.

Family Fun

Have fun with the whole family whatever the weather. Solve picture, word, riddle and role-play clues. Fixing them to a treasure map as you travel around the home, school or garden in search of the golden treasure bar at the end of the trail. Gotrovo comes complete with double-sided treasure map (featuring two different designs), 100 reusable clue cards. Suitable for children of different ages, a golden treasure bar with opening lid (allowing you to add more treats or treasures), satin loot bag and 10 shiny gold coins. Helps kids develop reading, literacy and problem-solving abilities. As well as addressing other Early Years Foundation Stage targets (USA = Kindergarden & elementary targets) in a fun way.

Traditional Garden Games – 3 in one bag!

In the Box:

1 x Net & 1 x Net Frame
2 x Badminton & 2 x Tennis Racquets
3 x Shuttlecocks & 2 x Tennis Balls
1 x Volleyball and Pump

Badminton Volleyball and Tennis

Get into the fresh air at parties and family events. This versatile 3 game play set enabling all year round fun for outdoor gaming fun.

Unique design and easy to set up and breakdown. Fast click together frame – quick easy setup and dismantle. With no need for ropes, pegs or bases filled with water.

Outdoor game fun with 2 canvas bags 1 for the frame & net and 1 for the racquets. Played in the garden, park or beach – IDEAL compact storage.

The easily adjusted the net can be set at 155cms for playing Badminton or Volleyball and 85cms for tennis.

Great package of Games

This play-set from Traditional Garden Games is ideal for playing tennis or badminton in the garden. Can be easily carried to the park or beach. Easy assembly and avoiding lost parts. The metal frame poles have a heavy duty cord threaded through their centres which makes building simple. Convenient quick and easy to assemble. The net can be set at 155cms for playing Badminton or Volleyball and easily adjusted to 85cms for tennis. The metal framed net is free standing on sand, grass or any hard surface. No need for additional support from pegs and guy lines. The metal frame can be easily dismantled and clipped together for storage. Comes with a small easy to transport canvas carry bag.

Comes with Everything you Need for a Sports Day

This playset includes all the accessories you need to provide hours of fun for parties and family events. With 2 Badminton & 2 Tennis Racquets, 3 Shuttlecocks & 2 Tennis Balls, 1 Volleyball & Pump and an additional carry bag to hold them all.

Comes with 2 Badminton & 2 Tennis Racquets, 3 Shuttlecocks & 2 Tennis Balls, 1 Volleyball and Pump.

Dart Board with Velcro Balls


In the Box:

As you would expect, is the game which includes an inflatable dart board with Velcro patches and a loop to hang the board.

There are cheaper — but be warned that the balls and Velcro are not as good,

Target Toss Fun Inflatable Dart Board with Velcro Balls — Garden Games

Classic Dart-board fun the entire family will enjoy. All ages can play!

This Outdoor game is Super fun and safe this great target game is fun for all the whole family. And is also suitable for use inside the house as well.

In the Box

Game features an inflatable dart board with Velcro patches and a loop to hang the board.

This outdoor game is safe and fun. Instead of traditional darts this outdoor game. Uses three tennis style balls for throwing, making this game great fun and safe no matter how bad your aim.

This is a great game to assist in building dexterity in all ages

Target toss is easy to set up, simply inflate the board and hang in place on a hard flat surface.

This great compact game can be deflated and packed away. Inflated the dart board measures 54cm x 9cm

This sturdy inflatable darts board has Velcro Patches and comes with three tennis style balls to throw at the target. This is a fun and engaging family game. Suitable for outdoor or indoor and is great fun for all ages and abilities. With the added benefit of being compact and transportable.

This is an Outdoor Chess game for 2 to 12 players.

In the box:

1 King (size: 7 x 7 x 30 cm)
10 Servants (size: 6 x 6 x 15 cm)
6 Throwing sticks (size: 3,5 x 30 cm)
4 marking sticks (size: 1,8 x 30 cm)
Including 1 Cotton carry bag

Viking Chess BASIC

Solid durable material. Made of Plantation birch wood

One of the all-time great Dexterity games for Outdoor fun for the whole family.

KUBB – Viking Chess “Basic” by Carromco is a traditional Out door and party game. From the time of the Vikings, played with 2 teams of 2-12 players. It is an exciting game of skill and strategy. This set is designed for the outdoor fun for the whole family.

Topple  the King

The aim of the game is to topple the King. However, all Servants have to be knocked over beforehand by using the throw sticks. It is great fun for outdoor playful competitions in the open air.

This is a great game for a party or just some family game time. You will love this game if you have not played before.

One of the all-time great outdoor games – Mega Hi-Tower

Go Large or Go Home! Mega Hi-Tower in a Bag – Giant 0.9m – 2.3m (max.)

In the Box

58 x pine wood tower blocks, 1 x nylon carry bag.
Mega Hi-Tower has 58 wooden blocks made from quality pine wood from renewable forests.
Each block measures 180mm long x 60mm wide x 45mm high (higher than most other tower games)

Builds a tower that starts at 0.9m (3ft) high and can build up to 2.3m (7ft 6in) max. in play

Wooden Tower Block Game – Jenga on a massive scale

One of the all-time great outdoor games. Mega Hi-Tower in a Bag – Giant 0.9m – 2.3m (max.)

Mega Hi-Tower has 58 wooden blocks made from quality pine wood from renewable forests. Each block measures 180mm long x 60mm wide x 45mm high (higher than most other tower games)

Pre-packed in a strong nylon carry bag with zip and fabric handles for storage and portability

Stack’em High to Win

Blocks stack in the same way as the traditional table top game without gaps making this game easy to set up. Can be used indoor but we prefer this for outdoor game fun.

The Mega Hi-Tower stands 0.9m tall at the start of a game and can build to a height of 2.3m at its maximum. Making this a truly giant version of the family table top game. The garden giant jenga style game. Includes 58 pine wood blocks each measuring 18cm x 6cm x 4.5cm and weighing around 312g.

The tower builds without gaps. In the same way as the traditional table top game of Jenga. Making it easy to set up and giving a compact footprint which makes for a challenging game. This version of this garden game comes ready packed in a handy zip close bag with nylon carry handles.

Mega Hi-Tower in a bag is the perfect addition to any party or social event. With the handy storage bag means it is transportable and easy to store.