Trampolines — Best Investment for your Kids Ever!

I can tell you, as a father of 3 that a trampoline is a great investment. We have had both a 12ft and a 14ft trampoline. My advice is if the garden is big enough and you can make the stretch get the bigger one. Our current 14ft trampoline has stayed the test of time. Been dismantled and reassembled twice.

Our old 12ft one was good but take note; if you have a dog keep it off the trampoline. The nails will tare trough. The kids though the dog on the trampoline was a blast. Until someone fell through while bouncing. Not to worry, he was fine. But it was time to upgrade the trampoline. This time we went with the 14-footer. Best investment for the kids ever! Make sure that your get one with a good enclosure and a zip-up door (I speak from experience).

Zero Gravity Trampoline

14ft Ultima 4 High Spec Trampoline with Safety Enclosure Netting and Ladder

Trampoline Diameter 14 feet / 427cms
Trampoline Height 270cms
Number of Legs 12
Number of Springs 84
Packaged Weight 70Kg
Padding Thickness 20mm
Padding Outer PVC
Maximum Single User Weight 100Kg
Easydown Enclosure
Ladder Included

We think that the Zero Gravity 14ft Trampolines are the best for the price!

For over 10 years Zero Gravity has been synonymous with high specification, quality trampolines. During this time they have shied away from the cheaper end of the market as it was impossible to produce a safe high performance trampoline at such a low price. Technology has changed however and with Zero Gravity’s patented weldless frame trampolines they can now offer their trampolines to a wider market without compromising quality and safety. Introducing the Zero Gravity Ultima 4 Trampoline…

All Zero Gravity Ultima 4 trampolines feature a state of the art safety enclosure. A netting sited directly on the edge of the jumping surface supported by arced uprights improve safety in the event of a fall, whilst a wired top ring retains the shape and structure of the netting. The enclosure also features a quick release system so that it can be taken down in minutes, this reduces wind hazards and is ideal for preventing unsupervised play.

The safety padding’s top surface is made from PVC rather than cheaper, inferior PE giving a quality look and feel that unlike PE will not disintegrate under UV light. Safety is of the uttermost importance so inside the padding you’ll find 20mm thick EPE foam protecting your child against the steel frame.

Even before gaining EN71 certification this trampoline went through extensive testing at the Zero Gravity testing lab. Including 500KG user weight testing and cycle testing. Did you know that while a welded trampolines frame will typically crack at 1 million cycles this trampoline has gone through over 2.5 million cycles without cracking.

Customer service is key to Zero GravityTrampolines success. Although we believe the assembly guide supplied with this trampoline is one of the best available, should you have any questions while building your trampoline please feel free to call the Zero Gravity support line and one of their knowledgable staff will be only to pleased to help.

Skyhigh Trampoline

14ft x 8ft Skyhigh Oval Trampoline with Safety Enclosure

Size: 243.8 x 426.7 x 88.7 centimeters

The 8ft x 14ft Skyhigh Oval Trampoline offers a responsive bounce which doesn’t pull the user into the centre of the mat as with round trampolines.

This is a similar principle used in Olympic acrobatic gymnastics trampolines.
The 8ft x 14ft Skyhigh is part of a new innovative generation of oval. trampolines which conserve on space and are great for narrow gardens.
This oval offers the same quality and safety you would expect with 27mm thick pads that will protect the user from coming into contact with the springs.
PVC covering which will survive throughout all seasons.

Superior Bounce. Will not pull user into centre of mat!

70 springs which are 180mm (7 inches) in length provide a fantastic well balanced bounce which doesn’t pull the user into the centre of the mat, as with round trampolines. This is a similar bouncer to that of a rectangular trampoline whilst having a better shape to fit into long and narrow gardens

Frame constructed from 42mm x 1.5mm galvanised steel which can support a user weight limit of up to 114kg (18 stone). 89cm in height off the ground.

27mm thick protective surround pads which prevent the user from coming into contact with the springs or frame. Filled with EPE foam which is sealed and wont allow water in. Covered with high grade green PVC which will survive weather conditions in all seasons.

Easy and fast assembly with instructions included

10 years manufacturer’s warranty on the frame with a year on other components.

Rebo Trampoline

14ft Rebo Base Jump Trampoline With Halo II Enclosure.


  • 14FT Trampoline
  • Halo II Enclosure
  • Tool Kit and full Instructions
  • Tube diameter and tube wall thickness 38×1.5 mm
  • Protective edge thickness 20mm
  • Only for domestic use
  • Ladder sold separately

This could be the Mercedes-Benz of Trampolines for all levels and ages.

Available in 4 Sizes 

It has finally arrived after 3 years in development we are ready to launch the BASE jump range of trampolines, this has been one of the toughest projects we have faced but the results speak for themselves.

Combining 45 years of collective knowledge in this industry and 3 years working with the original HALO enclosure we looked to push the boundaries even further and arrived at the Halo II, Sounds like the name is just a progression from the first but trust me it is not! The strength and rigidity of this new enclosure has surpassed what we though we could achieve.

We really like the look and build quality of the Rebo Base Jump Trampoline — it is really a top quality product and will be with you for many years. The bounce quality to excellent and padding and safety enclosure are made to last with a safety-first design.

Whirlwind Trampoline

Top Oval Trampoline – built to last for years of fun for the whole family.

Shipping FREE Shipping
Sold By MadFun
Age Range Description 3 – 16 Years
Colour Black
Item Dimensions 4.26 x 4.26 x 2.5 metres
Item Weight 73 kg
Size 14 Ft
Style Plum

Plum Products Kids Whirlwind Trampoline and 3G Enclosure

Galvanised steel Tramp Klamp® bracket encases the joints for rust free protection and delivers greater integrity and longevity.

Innovative 3G® enclosure design curves in to protect the jumper from springs, whilst maximising jumping space.

Trampoline frame made from steel galvanised inside and out for long lasting rust free protection and increased strength.

The Oval trampoline will maximize the space in your garden. It also has a very modern look and will not disappoint even the most seasoned trampoliner. Just a few added comments; it is not suitable for kids under the age of 3ish. make sure that you read the directions — like all trampolines it takes a bit of patients and perseverance — ovals are a bit more demanding but noting to worry about just give yourself time.

Ampel Trampoline

Deluxe trampoline 14 feet with reinforced safety net enclosure | TÜV and GS certified up to 160 kg

Package details:

– Parcel 1: 21,0 x 142,0 x 44,0 cm (HxWxD), 36,3 kg
– Parcel 2: 17,5 x 121,0 x 37,0 cm (HxWxD), 38,5 kg
– Parcel 3: 13,0 x 119,5 x 36,0 cm (HxWxD), 29,1 kg
– Parcel 4: 43,0 x 117,0 x 45,5 cm (HxWxD), 11,3 kg

Great bounce, durable safety net enclosure for an enormous fun factor and a great stress relief.

Easy assembly with the illustrated instructions, gloves and tools included in the delivery. The green safety pads blend nicely into your garden.

Ampel 24, Deluxe trampoline

Technical details:

– Outer diameter: Ø 430 cm (14 ft)
– Frame height: 89 cm
– TÜV & GS certificied
– Load capacity: 160 kg
– Total weight: 106 kg
– Total height: 269 cm
– Number of springs: 96 pcs. (Spring hook tool included)
– Length of the springs: 178 mm
– Frame tube diameter: 39 mm
– Wall thickness: 1,5 mm
– Legs: 6 double legs
– Frame: Galvanized zinc & Powder coated steel
– Frame pieces are slid into each other and then bolted together
– Jumping mat is made from polypropylen (PP – Mesh) With 10-fold stitched seams on the eyelets

Technical details safety net enclosure:

– Reinforced rigid fibreglass ring at the top
– Safety net height: 180 cm
– Poles: 12 powder coated padded poles
– With zip fastener and plastic buckle at the entrance
– Tear resistant reinforced mesh made from PE with a material density of 140 g/m²

Technical details Safety pad / Spring cover:

– Width: ca 30 cm, thickness: 35 mm
– Tearproof reinforced PVC 350 g/m² with a dense foam 23 kg/m²
– Attaches with robust bungee cords on the inner and outer edge
– Color: green
– The safety pad covers the frame and the springs
– Deluxe version
– Reinforced and water proof material

Here are some thought on why you need to get a GOOD trampoline.

Please do not just get the cheapest, you will regret it and believe me the kids will log many hours on it.

Probably the main reason to invest in a trampoline for your kids is that it is a great way to offer your kids a convenient and fun way to exercise. Children are consistently surrounded by technology. Which drives me nut at times, combined with poor eating habits, childhood obesity. This has become a huge epidemic in various countries throughout the world. I am not saying that this will cure the problem. But I do assure you that it will get them out of their rooms and outside. Because of this, it is important to focus on encouraging your children. From a young age to get outdoors the trampoline will do this.

Having Fun

Kids are really only interested in having fun. It is important to find ways in which they can exercise and be outside while having fun. This is where a trampoline is unmatched in its ability. Trampolines are so much fun for the whole family. Your kids will be able to get in effective exercise sessions without even knowing they are doing it. And for cardio a trampoline can effectively increase your kid’s heart rate. Help your kid burn calories, and offer them the ability to improve their level of coordination all at the same time.

Greatly Improves Balance

Another reason to invest in a trampoline for your children is that it can effectively improve your children’s ability of balance. Standing and jumping on a trampoline is not so difficult. It creates a need to stabilise your body. Constantly needs to work to remain in balance. This increases when you are attempting to do various tricks and master the general bounce. The core will become much stronger. Balance will get better and better as they use it. This will ultimately allow them to fare grater dexterity.

Good sibling and friend bonding space

Another great reason to invest in a trampoline for your children is that the trampoline offers a unique space for your children bond with their siblings and friends. By playing together outdoors, you are going to be encouraging healthy relationships. Allowing them to play and laugh together. There are a lot of fun moments that can happen on a trampoline. It is sure to offer a number of bonding moments and memories for your children, their friends, and even yourself.

Hours of Fun

A top reason to get a trampoline for your kids is that it is something that can provide hours and hours of fun. It is something that your children are likely going to want to do for hours. This is going to benefit you ultimately in many ways. For one, it is going to allow your children to remain active for long periods of time. Also, it will help give you some time for yourself without having to worry constantly about what your kids are doing. Lastly, it is going to help burn-up a lot of their energy,

Fresh Air

A great investment in a trampoline is because it is going to offer your children, along with yourself, a chance to really get some fresh air. Being outside will allow your kids to really enjoy themselves. Getting away from technology and screens, and also get a good amount of vitamin D from the sun. All in all, it is one of the best things that you can do for your kids.

Best Investments

Overall, a trampoline is one of the best investments that you can make for your children. It is going to encourage them to be active for long periods of time. Encourage more social interactions. Offer them the ability to soak in vitamin D from the sun. Allow them to really relieve any stress they may have while playing on the trampoline.

Safety Issues

While the safety issues used to be a very big deal, that has changed in recent history. The fact is, more and more manufacturers are placing an emphasis on providing increased safety measures. On newer models/units such as safety net enclosures to protect against falls.

You are totally safe in buying your trampoline online. This will get you the best deal and you can see the reviews. To make sure you are getting the best trampoline for your family.

Getting the Best, How to Chose the Best Trampoline

The Debate Over How to Chose the Best Trampoline

You’ve settled on what you’re likely to use the trampoline for. Now it’s time to look past the brand and appear into the facts of the trampoline. If you are interested in being in a position to accent you garden. You require it to have the ability to be in the background. Searching for a fitness trampoline you can not buy cheap. Mini trampolines are not your first alternative.

Keep your Eye on Deals

The trampoline has existed for quite a while. If you absolutely cannot stand round trampolines, then don’t hesitate to find this one. Exactly like its big brother, the Skywalker 14-foot round trampoline is among the ideal trampoline buys in the marketplace on a budget.

Here’s What I Know About How to Chose the Best Trampoline

The trampoline comprises a basketball hoop in the trampoline for additional fun times. Finally, the trampoline can help to improve somebody’s balance and coordination. You need to pick the best superior rebounder trampolines even should they seem to be costly.

Life, Death and How to Chose the Best Trampoline

Expert advice about what to keep an eye out for when purchasing a trampoline is essential. So that you can get one that’s safe, durable and the proper fit for your garden. These sorts of trampolines are produced with steel. To select the very best trampoline isn’t an easy job. Starting with your search here will help.